Targetbotics®, LLC designs, builds and installs target control systems for military and law enforcement firing ranges. The targets include turners, steel pop-ups, and movers.

The control systems use only commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) industrial microprocessor-based components and avoid the need for traditional computers on site.

U.S. and Canadian clients include military Special Ops and Special Forces units, civilian training academies, and numerous law enforcement facilities.

What is this design and why?

  • No computer on the range
  • No wires between controls and targets
  • Weather-proof, outdoors year round
    Remote-control that works from anywhere.

What are behaviors and why?

  • No scripts to write or develop
  • Pick the activity you like and how much you want, push Start
  • Fully supports crawl-walk-run training

What is UnPredictor® and why?

  • UnP is a steel target system that counts hits
  • It presents targets unpredictably both in sequence and hits required
  • Train to respond to unpredictable threat appearance and continue making hits until neutralized

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